A partnership with success

Intertermo Holland BV has its origin in 2008 at the initiative of the Norwegian transport company Intertermo AS. The Norwegians direct their attention especially at the transport of plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables from Holland to Scandinavia. They were looking for a reliable and professional partner to get more efficiency out of their transports from Scandinavia to the Benelux.

A challenge cut to measure for Bert Vennink. He has more than twenty years of experience in logistics at home and abroad. And so he founded Intertermo Holland BV together with the Norwegians and his partners Jurgen van de Rijdt and Jeroen Kevelham. We are not a full daughter of the Norwegian transport company, but an independently operating company which is working close together with the Norwegians; using all of their network, contacts and expertise.

Spoorstraat 26 8271 RH IJsselmuiden T: +31(0)38 333 45 49 F: +31(0)38 333 33 46 info@intertermo.nl www.intertermo.nl